Pumpkin workshop.

29 October 2018

On Saturday afternoon 13 lovely ladies came along to our nursery to attend our pumpkin flower arranging workshop.

The sun was shining and although a little chilly everyone headed to the barn where the heating was on and there was plenty of tea and coffee waiting for everyone.

We started with the demonstration, while everyone sat round with their tea, I explained what flowers we would be working with, which included one of our ready carved, homegrown pumpkins, sunflowers, hypericum berries, amaranthus, roses, craspedia, catkins, foliage and a selection of our home-grown flowers. The arrangement would be done in one of our new bio degradable oasis blocks.

Next was the flower arranging part of the demonstration. I explained different elements of the design, how and why we put the different flowers in and where. We had quite a free rein on this design, there was no structure to it as we were working on a loose free flowing concept.

We started with the catkins and foliage, then filled in from there using the focal flowers next (sunflowers and roses) then the rest of the flowers filled in the gaps.

I loved seeing all the different designs at the end, everyone did a fantastic job with minimal help.

I love teaching floristry, I show people how to work with the different products and flowers we use but encourage them to put their own design on it too. Its good to follow certain “rules” in floristry but I think the best designs come from our own creativity.

After the workshop, our ladies went out onto the nursery as it was a lovely day and picked some more flowers to go home with.

Have a look at the gallery to see some of the designs that were created.

Don’t forget you can book onto one of our Christmas workshops now.

Pumpkin workshop.