Planting, planting, planting.

05 June 2016

We are now at one of my favorite times of year! Sweet peas!!! 

They are coming along nicely although they take alot of work and time at the moment as they need tying up every week or two.  My dad and I go along the rows of sweet peas tying them with twine to canes we have put into place so they grow up and continue flowering and we get good stem length off them. 

As we are tying we also take off the side shoots, this helps the flowers to grow up and not out and will keep the plant producing stronger flowers. 

We have also started to pick sweet Williams.

I have had 2 jugs of sweet Williams in my house for the past week, I just love the strong red colors of them.

They are great value for money as they have an amazing vase life. You will see on the webshop we have jugs of sweet Williams for sale. I do love them on their own as they are a perfect country flower and I love to see them growing down the nursery as a carpet of strong colors. 


We have also just this week got our dahlias out! 

When cared for, dahlias should keep flowering year after year as long as the frost doesn't kill them.

After they have flowered and are starting to die back you should dig up the bulbs and remove as  much excess soil as possible then store them in a dry place over the winter so they are protected from the frost. 

They will be ready to plant back out around late May, June time. 


We have also been pricking out and getting ready to plant lots of other varieties of flowers over the last few weeks such as, larkspur, sunflowers, delphiniums, statis to name a few. 

I will be organizing an open day down  the nursery to in July/ August time so keep an eye out for dates and on our Facebook page.

This will give you a chance to come and see for yourself what we grow and how we grow it. You will also be able to take part in some workshops and see some demonstrations. 

Don't forget to follow our social  media to keep up to date with what we are up to. 

Speak soon

Kerrie x




Planting, planting, planting.