Highgate Florist & Growers

Kerrie is an award winning florist who has over 10 years working within the industry.

She has built a reputation as a floral designer gaining her clients in the wedding and corporate world as well as celebraties and private clients. Her father is a flower grower so Kerrie is very passionate about using English, seasonal flowers and many of her designs are created with this in mind.

As well as offering her services as a floral designer covering the UK, she also runs the retail flower shop that has been in her family for 30 years. This means she has a great team on hand and has built up a good relationship with wholesale suppliers and other wedding industry experts

Every wedding and event is unique I will always ensure I work with my client to discuss their ideas and requirements in detail and turn them into a reality. When chosen carefully, flowers should create an atmosphere with colour, texture and aroma and turn your venue into a truly stunning experience.